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ABQ Press is pleased to announce the publication of two books by Merimée Moffitt, a memoir titled Free Love, Free Fall, Scenes from the West Coast Sixties, and a book of poetry titled Making Little Edens, Poems From 1980 Through 2013.

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Free Love, Free Fall — $17.95 paperback

Merimée Moffitt's stories slip readers into the times that were "a changing", the time between beatniks and hippies and then some. The settings follow a winding path from San Francisco to New York City and back to the farm factories in eastern Oregon. The young couple, vagabonds on the road, give a glimpse into pre-women's lib society and the musicians and sadhus looking for love and life beyond the inelegant, patriarchal norm of the fifties. Free Love, Free Fall is a must for those who are curious about how it really was, at least for this author, and for anyone who also was there, in that time, living through social upheaval and creating it on a day to day basis.

A trip to the Red Dog Saloon in 1965 starts a journey of music and musicians in the Haight Ashbury and life without an instruction book. Merimée's stories embody the themes of the times: Make Love Not War, No Hope without Dope, Be Here Now, and —surprise!—Peace and Love. The PH Phactor Jug Band makes a not-so-profitable career move to Portland in the Summer of Love, resulting in an end to the relationship that had become too entangled with the detritus of the music scene lifestyle.

Eventually, Merimée flees Portland following friends to New Mexico where she falls in love with the land and the culture.
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Making Little Edens — $15.00 paperback

This first collection of poems, presented in double decades, reflects family issues, social upheavals, and experiences of living wild in northern New Mexico. As an expat from the West Coast, so-called hippies (desperadoes according to the late R. C. Gorman) are presented as characters worthy of note in the beauty of natural settings along with a variety of ancieNos and others. This work is vivid, visual and sensual, sometimes ragingly political, and as easily accessible as smoothly written stories. Merimée Moffitt's voice has the cadence and economy of contemporary verse with the power and angst of a woman breaking the rules by saying what others wouldn't dare.

Merimée's literary influences are clearly the women poets and writers of the fifties who rocked the canon by using women's issues as fodder for good poetry. The book contains a broad range of styles, tones, themes, and attitudes. From free verse to villenelles, pantoums and ghazals, pictures of life in the Sixties through the early millennium are artfully crafted.
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Unearthing the Bones — $15.95 paperback

Murder, Indian refugees, and a kidnapping bedevil Marshal Monday Malone and schoolteacher Kate Shaw. Monday is sent out of town by the county sheriff to investigate a dynamite murder in the camp of dinosaur diggers. Working separately, their on again - off again romance suffers strains when Kate receives an unexpected marriage proposal and is appointed acting marshal in Monday's absence.

Reunited briefly in Warbonnet, the pair shelters an Indian family on the eve of renewed Sioux hostilities with the US Army. Can they find a kidnap victim before time runs out?

Unearthing the Bones is the fifth book in Robert Kresge's Warbonnet series.
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Aztec Treasure of the Caballo Mountains
— $16.95 paperback / $26.95 hardcover

The story takes place in the late 1980's in New Mexico near the fabled Caballo Mountains when three treasure hunters embark on a treasure hunt. Suddenly they find themselves trapped within the mountains with their way out blocked when the entrance is suddenly dynamited closed. The question of their survival is in great peril when their adversaries hire a team of rogue psychics bent of destroying Carl and Jack to prevent them from finding anything of value.

The battle is finally joined and the outcome hovers between oblivion and triumph. Never have Carl Webb and Jack Moran came up against anyone as powerful and deadly as these two renegades - it could spell the end for the other members of the group as well as Jack and Carl.
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Type of book

Daughters of the West Mesa — $17.95 paperback

Daughters of the West Mesa is inspired by a true story. In 2009 eleven female remains and an unborn fetus were discovered on the West Mesa outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Irene Blea has synthesized what she experienced while living in the region and introduces us to Dora, a single mother, and her two daughters, Luna and Andrea. Luna has been missing for several months. The police, Dora, Andrea and members of the community have searched for Luna with no success. Dora struggles to endure not knowing about her missing daughter, Andrea's emotional distance, and adjusting to the recent purchase a new house next to a one hundred acre field when a human bone is found in the field. She watches the investigation of the bone and the discovery of many more bones on television. Dora's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being decline while she awaits notice that Luna is, or is not, buried in the field.

Irene Blea has personal experience with the dark side of the city and women like Dora, whose daughters frequent nightclubs and bars among drug addicts and prostitutes.
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Murder at the Observatory — $14.95 paperback

Caroline Steele is a hag without a future, tired of her housewife routine, bored with marriage, beaten down by teaching, and confused by her growing sons. But when she becomes a prime suspect in the murder of her arch nemesis, a prominent astronomy professor, she is shocked out of her mind-numbing routine. Caroline resolves to clear herself by finding the real killer. Her quest takes her back to work at the University of New Mexico Department of Physics and Astronomy. Once again she finds herself surrounded by neurotic staff and unique faculty. As evidence builds against Caroline, she is thrust into close contact with a charismatic detective and begins to feel alive.

Caroline juggles several worlds: domestic life with her quirky family, office work, academic intrigue, people's crazy lives, a murder investigation, and the romance novel she critiques for a friend. She discovers the awful truth after a loved one nearly dies.
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Falling on the Bright Side — $16.95 paperback

In Falling on the Bright Side In Falling on the Bright Side therapist Larry Whitton watches as his livelihood, family life, and self-esteem slip into the abyss. But new opportunities will open--if he risks following them—through collaboration with psychologist Bill Foster, who has just suffered a debilitating stroke. The events in this story are regrettably those of many disabled and elderly in our accelerating society, who will be carted off to nursing homes once they cannot keep up.

Falling, Gray’s third book, draws on two decades with Friends in Time—a non-profit he co-founded with friend and ALS-victim Foster Hall—to assist others with neuromuscular diseases. Through their collaboration, Gray has learned that the disabled have much to teach our society about the human qualities that really matter.
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The Apparition and Other Short Stories — $14.95

This is the eighth book by William White and like the rest of his books, it is an excellent read—one you will have trouble putting down. For those who love ghost stories this book contains an excellent account of a newly deceased young man and his desperate attempts to communicate with his family members. It happened less than two years before the publication of this book. It is truly an amazing story and one that will give you an insight into the other side.

This book also contains some amazing stories of life and death struggles in remote places as well as stranded travelers finding the means to reach their homes when marooned without any resources for continuing their journey.

For those of you who love short stories, this book is for you; however, the author saved the best story for last. It is a story about a young man in the early sixties of the twentieth century who was a bare-knuckle fighter. He fought at cock-fights around the country as an added feature by the promoters of the cock-fighting venues. He took on all comers regardless of their weight or height advantages and remained undefeated. He weighed no more than one hundred and sixty pounds during this time period.
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Everywhere Spirit — $15.95 paperback

In Everywhere Spirit a troubled racerider's war to conquer his demons parallels the quest of his Apache alter-ego to find love, which is aided by the wisdom of a Navajo shaman. The Apache experiences a new beginning with the Nez Perce, falling in love with the daughter of a chieftain. Soon the tribe is engaged in a dramatic attempt to flee into Canada. Corrupted by a Chicago crime family, the jockey gets involved in a betting coup that goes awry. Fearing prison following his felony arrest, he meets a self-effacing lawyer, who negotiates his freedom. An earthquake that strikes a Southern California racecourse helps the rider put his own plight into perspective. While racing in New Mexico a near fatal spill causes the jockey to redirect his life.
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Warrior Hearts — $15.95 paperback

When bodies of a woman and an Army officer are found near Fort Fetterman riddled with arrows, outrage threatens to spark an all-out war with the Sioux. Marshal Monday Malone quickly sees the crime as a likely frame-up.

Schoolteacher Kate Shaw and Monday work to sift evidence and sort out suspects. Kate comes face to face with the legendary Crazy Horse when she survives a buffalo stampede, then faces death in a warrior’s ordeal alongside Indian children. Monday engages in a high stakes knife fight and finally rides a desperate race against the clock to shake an ironclad alibi.
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Poor People’s Flowers — $15.95 paperback

In Poor People's Flowers Suzanna runs fast. Twice she ran away from men. Both times she ran until her throat and chest hurt. The first man was her husband. The second a stranger, who promised to take her from New Mexico to Colorado in the mid 1930s. Suzanna runs until she meets two other men, and a beautiful woman. One of them uses her, the other helps her. The woman teaches her to work in a working class bar, and together they search for the children Suzanna left behind when she ran. (Read author bio...)

Killer Miracle — $15.95 paperback

Miraculous images begin appearing in the tiny town of La Cuenta, New Mexico, convincing many devout villagers that they are marks of God’s favor. Albuquerque architect Gwen Callendar thinks the images are a cynical scam. All of them are wrong.

The images bring crowds of pilgrims and reporters to La Cuenta, but the carnival turns dark when the town’s most revered citizen, elderly santero Emilio Córdova, is found dead of gunshot wounds. La Cuenta police chief Ruben Lopez detains Gwen’s lover, Mack Wilson, as a suspect, pulling Gwen into the investigation along with Elena Córdova, Emilio’s beloved grandniece.

Caught up in the investigation, Gwen, Elena and Ruben struggle through a maze of art, faith and kinship, of drugs and land conflicts set against the magnificent background of Northern New Mexico. (Read author bio...)

Mad Dogs and Treasure Hunters — $16.95 paperback

Mad Dogs and Treasure Hunters is the fifth book by William White and his fourth book on treasure hunting. These stories represent new material never before seen in print and are gleaned from the archives of William's colorful past experiences. William White is the treasure hunters treasure hunter. Readers will experience the thrill of the hunt as well as the hardships of the trail while reading his books. (Read author bio...)

The Pancho Villa Treasure of the Guadalupe Mountains — $29.95 hardcover, $16.95 paperback

It all began before the turn of the twentieth century when Pancho Villa and his faithful lieutenant Leonardo Regaldo took by force of arms a massive treasure stolen from the Mexican people by the despot dictator Porfirio. In the mid 1980's, the search and recovery of this treasure was to become a contest of wills between the direct descendants of Leonardo and Porfirio. Carl Webb and Jack Morgan get unwittingly entangled in this conflict and a simple treasure hunt soon becomes a deadly contest between the opposing forces.

It was in the remote reaches of the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico where the two groups fought it out with no quarter given on either side. Will Carl Webb and Jack Morgan survive this military assault?  Earlier the two adventurers had endured an attempt by pirates to commandeer the Motor-Sailor yacht Freeman Barnes off the coast of California.  Carl and Jack prevailed then but this is now and they have a far more dedicated enemy who is both clever and resourceful. (Read author bio...)

Hardcover / Paperback

Morgan Bluestone $14.00 trade paperback

Morgan Bluestone, a Navajo veterinarian in Shiprock, New Mexico, bridges two cultures in her life and in her practice of veterinary medicine: her Navajo (Dinè) culture and the non-Indian culture; the ancient customs of the Dinè and the canons of contemporary animal medicine. This is a story about Morgan’s spiritual connection to the buffalo (and, by proxy, her culture) and the love story of Morgan and George Begay, a widowed single father. (Read author bio...)

The Finishing Touch — $12.95

The Finishing Touch is a historical novel of political intrigue, identity theft, and love in post-World War II Germany. Sid Kaplan is an American Jewish GI. His girlfriend, Laura Lauscher, is a German-American, whose brother is a notorious Nazi. Both Sid and Laura work in the U.S. Military Government denazification unit in Regensburg, Bavaria.

Denazification was the post-WW II Allied screening program to eliminate Nazis from public office and influential positions. Lester Libo is a US Army infantry veteran of WW II. He served post war in the U.S. Military Government denazification program. (Read author bio...)

Our Sheltered Lives — $15.95

Most Americans live sheltered lives, claiming a place to call home that offers relative security. But tens of thousands live without shelter or a home.

Our Sheltered Lives tells the stories of homeless men who temporarily inhabit a sheltered place, the Albuquerque Opportunity Center. Aided by the staff, some find permanent housing, some gain benefits from social services, and some return to the streets. A few die there.

Told through the eyes of a volunteer, the book chronicles the lives of typical homeless men during a transitional time in their lives, a time that proved to be a transitional time for the author as well. (Read author bio...)

Saving Lincoln — $17.95

In the closing days of the Civil War, Beth Wendland, a Union spy in Richmond learns of a Confederate plot to send a wagon bomb to blow up the White House and kill President Lincoln. Abandoned by her political masters, Beth must evade Rebel soldiers and the bomb's mastermind to deliver the information to Washington before the conspirators can launch their deadly attack.

Assisted by the Federal officer who loves her Beth risks more than her life to snuff out the burning fuse of the world's first vehicle bomb and prevent disaster on the eve of victory.

With its strong and resourceful heroine, Saving Lincoln will appeal to fans of Cold Mountain and Eye of the Needle. (Read author bio...)

No Good Deed — $15.95

Malibu tries hard to live up to its reputation for isolation. But it can't escape where it is, on the front line in the battle between private property rights and preserving land for the public good. This glittering seaside community is what dreams are made of, but beneath the bright exterior is a dark underside. Everybody feels it, some people are drawn to it. So when a thirteen-year-old boy goes missing under suspicious circumstances and a barking dog leads suspicious deputies to a battered body on a popular biking trail, Malibu Times reporter Brody Cooper fears evil rearing its sinister head. Out to get the story, he stumbles down a trail of greed and environmental double-dealing that takes him face to face with an impulsive killer - and his own demons. (Read author bio...)

Septimus — $14.95

It is 1940 and the shores of southern England have been mined against Hitler’s expected invasion. Young Septimus, running away from home, where he has just heard that his brother has been shot down, stumbles along these shores only to find himself part of a desperate, high-powered world he does not understand but cannot escape. His encounter with a much storied man long believed dead — but certainly no ghost — places him right in the center of the storm. (Read author bio...)

A Life in Full — $34.95 (Hard Cover)

A Life in Full: Millicent Rogers by Arthur Bachrach, Judith Nasse, and Nita Murphy. Though born into opulence and followed by the paparazzi, Millicent Rogers kept private many of her unique talents and skills. She loved books, she was a multi-linguist, and was involved in espionage during WW II, saving lives from the talons of Hitler. She created beautiful surroundings filling them with books, art and fine furniture. She was well-known for her own sense of style and beauty, and loved many men though she kept her deepest love for her sons as far away from the public eye as possible. At the end of her life Millicent Rogers lived in a more humble home in Taos than any of her other homes. In the hamlet that Taos was then, she surrounded herself with new multicultural friends, from artists and writers to laborers, supporting many of them. This book, with its many photographs, opens doors into Millicent’s life that have been long obscured. Millicent’s surviving son Arturo Peralta Ramos II has written a poignant forward in tribute to his remarkable mother. Arturo and his brother Paul were good friends with Arthur Bachrach and the trio spend many hours exchanging stories and anecdotes, especially about Millicent. (Read author bio...)

Death’s Icy Hand — $15.95

Mysterious deaths follow Russian Grand Duke Alexis on his goodwill visit to America, from New York Harbor to the rolling plains of Wyoming. Monday Malone and special deputy Kate Shaw board the royal train and try to identify the killer. Which passengers will help them, hinder them, perhaps even harm them?

When the killer strikes again, in a locked compartment aboard the Duke’s snow-bound train, hunting guides provided by the Army — Buffalo Bill Cody and George Armstrong Custer — offer their help. But are they allies or suspects? (Read author bio...)

Asleep at the Wheel of Time — $16.95

In Michael Gray's new science fiction book, a comet as wide across as Lake Ontario is heading our way. In 90 days it will be here, careening through the inner solar system at 30 miles a second.

Another world is trying to catch our attention, because human technology finally has a worthy occasion. The same technology that has launched harpoons into living beings for centuries, can nudge a rock larger than Manhattan off its deadly course.

First contact turns out to be the final chapter of an ancient dialogue, sent in the hope that it can save the authors’ friends, with whom humans share a planetary home. However the message, couched in a language that has been spoken on Earth for countless millennia, is meaningless to humanity.

As three months hurtle past, can the self-appointed “Stewards of Creation,” who think that dolphins merely click and ping in order to navigate, succeed in joining this ancient conversation? Will humans wake up and smell the seawater running in their own veins? Or will the Bible’s “Parable of the Talents” come true, and a vaporized South Pole icecap expand the ocean home of the whales, who did not squander their inheritance, and humans are left with a few shrunken islands in an ocean world? (Read author bio...)

The Flying Caterpillar — $16.95

Michael Gray's memoir begins “When I was two years old I drowned” in the frigid waters of Lake Ontario. It goes on to reflect upon the life he has lived and the opportunities he has been given since that fateful day. Time soon emerges as a character in his story. A few milestones along the way have been his attendance at a transformative six-month retreat at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley and when, at the age of 48, he added “Husband & Father” to his resume. Eventually his journey led him to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where in the early 90’s, together with a friend who has ALS, he co-founded “Friends in Time”, a non-profit that serves people with the neuromuscular diseases of MS & ALS. Michael has published short stories, poetry, and articles in the Antigonish and Wascana Reviews, in Gesar magazine, and in the “Time, Space, Knowledge” Perspectives volume, A New Way of Being. (Read author bio...)

Secrets of the Plumed Saint — $14.95

When the long-cherished statue of the Santa Nino de Atocha disappears, village leaders decide to keep the news from the Church hierarchy for fear of reprisal. They suspect the culprits are among the local hippies, Protestants, drug dealers, Anglos and other outsiders. But when the statue mysteriously reappears and their beloved chapel sacristan is attacked, favorite son Jay Sierra and his pal, Ernie Lucero, team up to investigate. Long forgotten facts about the little statue take everyone by surprise and lead to the cozy conclusion of this delightful crime novel set in an elbow of time during the 1970s in a high mountain valley in northern New Mexico. (Read author bio...)

Hardcover / Paperback

After the Bombs — $15.95

Heidemarie Sieg's recollection begins with a German family's lives at the beginning of World War I. It is leading into memories of growing up in Berlin after World War II, when times were different. The war was over, Berlin was mostly rubble and the Cold War period began. The Berlin Blockade and the construction of The Wall placed the city in the center of the Cold War. A difficult place to be. Read through hardships, challenging conditions and the strict society of the times. Eventually Heidi's adventurous spirit emerges, reminding us that we are stewards of our own destiny. (Read author bio...)

Painted Women — $15.95

Murder in Wyoming, 1871: In the second book of Robert Kresge's Warbonnet series, Monday Malone's brother, Tom, has been framed for murder in Laramie. While Monday tries to clear his brother, Kate Shaw is torn between her love for the western frontier, her longing for the sophistication of life back east, and a handsome photographer's desire to push her modeling sessions beyond the limits of propriety. (Read author bio...)

Territory Tales — $12.95

From the Tony Hillerman Contest winning short story about a rich ad exec who buys a ranch and gets more than he bargained for, to a tale of two strong Cherokee women trying to survive the Civil War, to a tale of a hitchhiker who might be over a hundred, to a chance meeting between a young priest and a go-go dancer, to the sad revelation of a dying mother, to the tale of the promise of an Orthodox Jewish merchant in Depression-era Oklahoma, M. Kent Anderson's short stories seem to never end up where you think they are headed. The novella that ends the book, tells of the last big case of a retirement-aged FBI agent trying to make sense of a changing Bureau and his changing life. All the while, he is trying to solve a rash of crimes apparently committed by people who, by all rights, should be dead. If you love the mystery of the West, this book will bring surprise and joy, and late on a windy prairie night, it might even cause a shiver or a tear. So, saddle up for a great ride. And while you are at it, check the wind. (Read author bio...)

Openings — $14.95

Damian Lucero is a US Marine. He survived combat in Iraq, though he carries the scars of that war in his on-going battle with post traumatic stress disorder. He is also a gifted artist and a victim of identity theft. In this exciting first novel, Lester Libo combines political and legal intrigue with the therapy of PTSD, the contemporary art world, and a love story in a plot that bounces between Albuquerque and Dallas. (Read author bio...)

Tomato Fog — $15.95

In the second book of the Bob McGregor Mystery Series, the death of lawyer McGregor's friend is no accident. From his mountain hideaway above the vast tomato fields and fractious populace of Calvin County, Tennessee, McGregor descends to join the DA's homicide team, forfeiting precious writing time on his historical novel. The U-turn from novelist to detective hurls him down a dangerous road up against a philanthropic whiskey distiller, a nasty blackmailer, a murderous firebug, and a scheming car thief. But nothing detracts McGregor from the allure of local women. Sex and sexual intrigue careens him through the dark back-alley of self-deception until one captivating woman sets him on a path toward redemption and enlightenment. (Read author bio...)

Murder for Greenhorns — $15.95

When lawman Sam Taggart is killed by a long-range rifle shot, his two traveling companions, newly-minted schoolteacher Kate Shaw and Texas cowboy Monday Malone, survive. The shooter's tracks point toward their destination, the town of Warbonnet. Since she and the marshal were hired sight unseen, Kate asks Monday to assume Taggart's identity to find the killer.

Now these two greenhorns must survive long enough the find the murderer. Can they also endure the bitter secrets they carry in their hearts? (Read author bio...)

Hoot 'N' Holler — $12.95

Hilarious and wildly offbeat, Hoot 'N' Holler is a rousing romp through the adventures of two appealing and feisty women who refuse to take retirement sitting down and become professional truck drivers. In 2009 Hoot 'N' Holler won the Truck Writers of North America Bronze Communication Award for book of fiction. Tom Claffey interviewed numerous truckers (men and women) while developing the story of Sally Tremaine and Dixie O'Donnell (aka Hoot 'N' Holler). In addition to spending time in a rig, he visited truck stops across the United States, including the famed Iowa 80 Truckstop. Tom and his wife Sylvia live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Read author bio...)

Searching for C.W. McCall — $12.95

Every industry, profession or trade has its icons, its legends. Right up there, near the top of trucking legends, is C.W. McCall. Searching for C.W. McCall reads like a trucker's canon: do what you love, stand by your friends, and honor the rules of the road. Santiago Lopez and his faithful dog, Sloan, depart the family ranch in Pecos, New Mexico, in an old F-150 pickup to search for Santiago's hero of more than thirty years, C.W. McCall. They soon find themselves welcomed by a convoy of 18-wheelers traversing the roads and highways of southern Colorado. The characters in the story are people you would like to know. Some, most notably Sally Tremaine and Dixie O'Donnell, whose handle is "Hoot 'N' Holler," appeared in Tom Claffey's previous novel, Hoot 'N' Holler, which won the Truck Writers of North America 2009 Bronze Communication Award for book of fiction.(Read author bio...)

Sellin' the Sizzle — $16.95

Dallas adman Ben Shilling receives a mysterious email accusing him of being a murderer! On our way to discovering what that email is all about we enter Ben's world of crazy clients, offbeat creative people and a host of other memorable characters. (Read author bio...)

Jennifer's Weave — $15.95

Most of us weave the fabric of our lives with strands selected from the seven virtues and the seven deadly sins. Jennifer Murphy found another thread, and when it began to unravel, she left a man with a knife in his chest on her kitchen floor in New Mexico and a cry for help on Rainbow Porter's door.

Porter loved Jenny — or at least he had an affection and they had an accommodation, but the more he pursues the running woman, the deeper he digs into her past, the less he understands her as a woman or an artist, and the less he understands his attraction to her. The cops want Jenny, Porter wants her, two ex-husbands want her, a killer is stalking her, and then two dubious figures from the intelligence community muscle into the chase.

When Rainbow recruits Sharon Coulter, an attractive ex-cop and detective from LA, to join the hunt, they begin to close in on the central mystery of Jenny's past. But as Rainbow begins to understand Jennifer, he begins to understand Sharon too, and Sharon is damaged in some of the same ways he is. (Read author bio...)

Violeta Parra: By the Whim of the Wind — $15.95

Violeta Parra: By the Whim of the Wind is a biography of Chile's legendary musician and artist, who championed rustic customs, songs and dances against a current of modernization. She left a legacy of topical songs and new respect for the dignity of humble roots. As a visual artist, Violeta Parra was the first Latin American to merit a solo exhibit in the Louvre. A woman of great passion, she has become a icon of Latin American authentic culture. (Read author bio...)

Confessions of an Uppity Woman — $14.95

Ten years of wise and witty reflections on what it's like to be a modern woman by Lloyd Olivia Davis whose award-winning column Uppity Woman appeared regularly in the Topeka Capital-Journal and in other publications. (Read author bio...)

Sea of Deception — $16.95

Nick Cowan lost his innocence and his wife in the Sea of Cortez. A small town in west Texas took a gamble on the future and lost everything. Paula Stafford lost her brother to Helen Daws, who never lost a thing in her life. And all of them are heading for a bloody rendezvous on the shores of the sea of deception.

SEA OF DECEPTION was just released as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle and by ABQ Press as a Trade Paperback. It will be available in other eBook formats in the near future. (Read author bio...)

Seven Days at Oak Valley — $14.95

Imagine growing up in a place where people around you die on a regular basis, some from known and others from more mysterious causes. Such is the case for Anthony "Tony" Ervin, a young man with mental retardation who lives at the Oak Valley State Training School and Hospital in East Tennessee. In 1978, when murders begin happening back to back and innocent victims experience no reprieve from the brutality that pervades their lives, Tony finds himself thrust into the role of amateur sleuth. Uncertain of whom to trust, with violence and deception escalating, and viewed by those who run the institution as incompetent, Tony nonetheless discovers clues that lead to multiple suspects and motives. As Tony plunges into a week that will change his life, his movements as the mail boy for Oak Valley begin to have a profound impact on all whose path he crosses. (Read author bio...)

Yellow — $14.95

A mystery about an Episcopal priest who abandons his ministry in order to pursue his brother's murderer. His weapon of revenge is a yellow Volkswagen convertible. (Read author bio...)

The House at the Edge of the Sea — $14.95

Billy, a loner whose attempts at sociability always go awry, eventually finds the love of his life, an abandoned house at the edge of the sea. But the two women who have entered his world soon send him back to his singular existence.

Born in a French nunnery in China, Stephen Scott was raised on the northwest frontier of India and educated (more or less) in England. Then he began his checkered career: selling encyclopedias, building 50 foot metal trees for London exhibitions, landscaping (poaching water plants from an absent Scottish laird to sell in London), and various tent shows. Never in prison. Lured abroad by cheap airfares to the US, he was persuaded to overstay his visa by a designing woman and apprehended by Texas Rangers. After marrying the designing woman in a Scottish fishing village in a howling gale, he returned to New Mexico, where he continues to write in a tower by the Rio Grande. (Read author bio...)

Benarty's Lament — $14.95

A proper Victorian gentleman, Benarty, finds his stultifying life in London disturbed by an alarming American sailor. Against his better judgment he abandons his comfortable way of life and crosses the Atlantic to unravel the riddle of Tam's apocalyptic existence. (Read author bio...)

Tomato Boy — $15.95

Tomato Boy is the first book in the Bob McGregor series set in Calvin County, Tennessee. McGregor, a lawyer, plans to kickback in this farmers' paradise known for its delicious tomatoes. His goal is to write an historical novel while managing the affairs of the wealthy Roland Poteet, a former professor, friend and mentor. McGregor thinks he has settled into lawyer's heaven, free from the stresses of urban practice and free from entanglement in local affairs, but he soon learns that an upcoming election is taken very seriously in Calvin County. First McGregor is threatened; then a prominent citizen is murdered. McGregor's lawyer skills pull him into the action as he tries to solve one murder and prevent another.

In his first novel Gary McKee demonstrates an understanding of small town life, a fine ear for dialogue, finesse in plotting and characterization, and a poet's flair for descriptions of the landscape.

Gary McKee divides his time between New Mexico and the Southeast. A lawyer, who for many years limited his practice to county law, McKee is also a commercial mediator. He developed the Bob McGregor Mystery series while co-authoring and editing legal manuals for county officials. Soon to be published is the second book in the series, Tomato Fog, a Bob McGregor Mystery. McKee is currently working on Calvin House - Book One, an historical novel authored by Bob McGregor about the infamous founding of Calvin County by the notorious Sheriff Clayton Calvin. (Read author bio...)